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Petrol in oil of countax ride on lawnmower C600H ?

How can i deal with petrol in the oil of my countax ride on lawnmower C600H

Libby Bowers
April 2020
Not uncommon for Petrol too seep down through carb on small petrol engine especially a mower with fuel left in it over winter.A gummed up carb with float stuck open, fuel flows though it down into oil.I had this happen on a generator that was left long time with fuel in tank and tap not turned off. All oil/petrol mix must be emptied out, new oil added clean carb too.

May 2020
Hi Libby
A curious question which I feel needs more detail from you. How did petrol get in the oil? Did you pour the petrol into the oil filler or is it some kind of mechanical failure that's caused this?
If you did pour fuel in the oil filler, you will immediatly have to drain all the oil from the engine and change the oil filter. Refill with fresh oil, run the engine for a few minutes and then repeat the process, drain oil and refill again with more fresh oil.

April 2020


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