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How to reset Dimplex storage heater CXL5N?

How come my picture does not look the same? It does not have a plastic casing or the blue marks. How do I reset it then?

April 2020
Hi, Without having the benefit of seeing the picture your refer to, it's difficult to offer better advice.
However, I'm sure that your model is not known as a CXL5N, it will be a CXLSN. (The 'S' means it is a slimline varient model)
With this in mind, you may have been searching for instructions online for the wrong model and not the slimline version.
Here is a link to a CXLSN owners manual, which I hope will be of use:

Use the "add an answer" button to post a relpy and let us know if this manual is the answer to your question or not in order to help future users of this site.

April 2020


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