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Hotpoint front loader?

Hotpoint Aqurius WF340 new bearing unit fitted last year around Nov.
Machine spinning almost as loud as it was last year, getting worse its unbearable but with utility room door closed it obviously reduces the noise, but like old bearings last year shutting the door of utility room was of no real help as it got so unbearably loud. pity this forum doesn't take images or videos.

Q; How long with use of machine 5 days once a day with occasional twice a day should bearings last.? As this machine on several occasions walked out from under counter i don't think I will buy hotpoint again.
Many thanks

Bob uk
March 2020
Definitely more than 5-6 months. More like 5-6 years. I would be asking the repair person that did the job to do it again properly at their cost. Bearings usually make a noise when the shaft seal leaks water through onto the bearing and it goes rusty.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
March 2020

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