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How to wire the switch for a bench grinder with 5 wires? ?

Hi. I picked up a old Montgomery Wards 6 inch bench grinder, model TDS 8131A, rated 115 volts 60 cycles 3.0 amps 3450 rpm, from a friend. The switch had gone out and was removed before it came into my possession. It has 5 wires coming from the motor: 3 black wires labeled with white tape and the numbers 1, 4, & 8, and 2 green wires with no labels. I was told it needs a capacitor to run and it came with a Mallory 270-324MFD 110VAC. My question is what type and rating of switch do I need to get and how do I figure out which wire goes where? I have searched online for a wiring diagram and / or manual but have not been able to find anything. Also, it has a caution plate on it that reads "use with time delay fuse". What is that and where can I get one? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

August 2019
You might get some mileage contacting this outfit:

August 2019


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