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Why is my internet slow?

Why is my internet slow even after increasing RAM and shutting down unnecessary applications.

May 2019
How many devices are connected ?
How many computers ? How many IoT devices ?

Your bandwidth is shared by all of the connected devices. Any device connected will use some bandwidth and this can easily add up very quickly, especially for a «smart» home setting where you can have every wall switch, wall plug, light bulb, TV, baby monitor, smart lock, door cam, fridge, oven, washer, drier and many other things all wanting to communicate in some way.
Nobody really need a connected fridge, oven, washer or drier anyway, and they should not demand any kind of connectivity.

Unless you can't do without, you should not need the uPNP feature. Turn it OFF on your router.

Change the password for your Wi-Fi. Maybe someone in the neighbourhood is using your connection without your consent. Make it at least 12 characters long. Use one or more non-alphabetic character.

May 2019
Which type of internet have you got?


Do you mean your computer is generally slow, or that your internet browsing and perhaps your downloads are slow?

You can check your connection speed at

May 2019


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