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genovo ideacentre windows7?

I was given a comp...the person who had it before me took it back to factory settings. wiped off w10 which was free update 2 years ago. I have tried to reload 10 but then get a message that says the resolution on this machine is not compatible with window10???? I have updated all drivers but I just get a black screen with the dot circle rotating! It will go back into w7 on a restart, but I need w10!!!! Any help/advice gratefully received. Thanks

April 2019
Maybe the installer assume that your current settings are the best one available, even if they are way lower than possible.

Set the colour depth to 32 bits if it's set to a lower value like 16 or 8 bits.

Try using the native resolution of the monitor. For an LCD one, it's the higher one available.

Maybe the video card can't handle the required resolution or the monitor don't.

Try with a borrowed monitor to see if things work better.

Check the capability of the video card.

If you need to replace the video card, unless you are in heavy playing, a mid range is more than enough, and some entry level ones may be good enough for your needs. You don't need to spend more than $70 to $80.

May 2019

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