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Dyson CR02 washing machine outer door stuck?

I've done a load of washing and can't open the outer door. The machine makes a couple of noises as if it's trying to release the catch, but it doesn't make the usual clunk sound when the door's ready to open. I've tried switching it off at the main switch for a while, and then tried again, but no joy. I've tried the screw beneath the soap dispenser drawer, but that doesn't work. I checked Dyson's troubleshooting, and beyond trying the screw, there are no other suggestions. Any clues? I very much appreciate your help.

August 2018
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August 2018
After switching off for a few hours we were able to open the door, which now sticks every time. We leave it for a while and are able to open it, but is there anything we can do to get it to open as normal? And what position should the manual door release screw be left in? When we checked it after the first door jam, it was in the horizontal position, and we did the quarter turn anti-clockwise to get it to vertical, but we have a feeling that it should perhaps be in horizontal position during normal operation. Does anyone know? Thanks, always.

August 2018

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