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Have out of warranty Sherborne Royal multi- recliner Cream leaather?

The cluster of pieces in clear sellotape held onto the frameadjacent to the 29v battery -cells has left two magnetic floaying in mid-air . The green indicator light no longer shines and no controls available. fully functional previously. ?where do two magnets lie on frame to set up the max charge of 100v ? No info book with this .We bought from Knees Trowbridge .not able to support this beautiful model . we are both over eighty years of age.

Lionel Powell
March 2018
I've never heard of a 29V battery. 24V maybe.
In either case, why on Earth would you expect to charge it up to 100V?

Can one respectfully suggest you find a local technician and ask him to look at the chair? I strongly suspect you don't really have a clue - and that's not a comment inspired by your age.

All he needs to do is understand simple batteries and chargers and have a bit of nonce when it comes to the mechanicals.

You could also try contacting Sherbourne

March 2018


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