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Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri v Beast from The East?

My boiler has been struggling to reach thermostat temperature and has now started gurgling like its boiling a kettle inside also just noticed some drips of water on the worktop underneath from the pipe that leads outside - its not a combi I have a water tank. Any suggestions?

March 2018
Sounds like a blocked condensate pipe and the waste water has backed up into the heat exchanger so when the fan runs it bubbles and gurgles.. get a registered gas engineer to investigate and fit a new to the market device called a ‘boiler buoy’ if there’s any blockages in the condensate pipe DOWNSTREAM from the boiler so freezing or blocking is immediately noticible as the boiler bouy float will be visible. Yes a competant DIY’er can fit a boiler buoy without breaking the gas regs but there’s an equal chance that the internal to the boiler condensate syphon could very easily be blocked as well in which case you’ll need a gas safe engineer.

Phill Dee
March 2018
Could be the condensate pipe to the outside world has frozen. Try a kettleful of hot water on the pipe outside

March 2018


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