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How can I prevent mould growing in a built-in wardrobe?

I downsized into this house about ten months ago, so I have a lot of stuff to sort through. There are two built-in wardrobes against outside walls which I have filled with bedding, boxes, files etc, and now find that damp has accumulated in the full-up, closed wardrobes, and mould is growing in the damp conditions. I know that I should have insulated the cupboards, and am now about to do it, but have had to stop because I have found the mould. Is it too late? Will it work? Will it simply hide the problem and allow mould to grow between the wall and the insulation?

Tony O
January 2018
Gooogle for "treat mould"

Paint with mould killing paint (I used zinsser perma white on my mouldy bathroom ceiling)

Put in the insulation

Vapour barrier

Finishing board/plastermboard/whatever

If painting; more Zinssers

Ensure cupboard is ventlated

You could even consider installing slats spaced away from the wall to keep the clothes away from the wall and allow air to circulate

February 2018

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