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speakers dhc-fl3, or dhc-fl7d...?

Where I can find and purchase speakers to that Home Audio:

The Speakers are the same to all 3.
Box speaker Modell is: SONY SS-FL7RC.

One by one separately:
1- sony SS-CT7
2 sony SS-FL7
2 sony SS-RS7
1 Sony SS-WG7
Thasnk you
José Araújo

José Araújo
December 2017
Thank you dzfgb.
Your idea about Ebay it`s good, but I can`t find that unit in ebay, because that modell has not been put on sale in Europe.
I can find that in OLX India, Turkey, Thailand...
I`m from Portugal, and I do not know how to speak these languages.

José Araújo
January 2018
Buy a secondhand unit off EBay - uyou may be able to pick up a non-working one (but check it isn't the speakers that are bust :-) )

December 2017


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