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Machine chugging, no water entering the machine?

My AEG OKO Favorite 4040 is runnng/chugging even when it is turned off at the machine, have to turn off the power switch to stop it running. No water is entering the machine, it will do the drying cycle.
I have taken out the silver filter tray at the bottom and cleaned it along with the mesh "filter basket " I have added salts and put boiling water with soda crystals in.
Read on a blog about floats being stuck but think the float is in the salt thing. Any ideas please.

Kathryn W
October 2017
there is a float and switch in the base of the machine that will stop it accepting any water if there is a leak inside the machine.

The switch may have activated and may now also be stuck in the activated position.

A bit more searching would show you things like this:

This may help, on the assumption that, as AEG is now effectively Electrolux, there may be some similarities:

October 2017


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