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hotpoint fdw20?

The dishwasher begins and sounds like it is emptying then starts to fill, then stops the wash and dry lights start flashing and it sounds like it is emptying then nothing! Only the flashing wash and dry lights remain. The heating element has been changed, the filter has been cleaned but I am unable to run a cycle on "A" with dishwasher cleaner as someone else suggested. Can you please help

June 2017
More info here. LEDs 2 and 4 does mean heater fault. It can also mean latch fault.

See this:

June 2017
You do not say that when you open the door there's water in the bottom of the machine - if this is the case there may well be crud jamming the drain pump impeller - at the very bottom below the filters. Silver foil - lemon pips - small chicken bones.

If there's water in the machine then you can easily clear the debris blocking the impeller - remove the filters and bail out the remaining water. The pump's impeller is below a small plastic cover often held on with a single Torx screw - you'll need a Torx driver - and the crud can be removed with tweezers.

If this is not the case then I've wasted your time and apologise. As for cleaning the machine you might consider using citric acid powder - put it in the soap dispenser. Cleaning however will not solve the problem with your machine.

I do not understand why you decided to change the heating element.

Good Luck...
June 2017
I have checked the website and it indicates heating element fault! We have changed that, cleaned the pipes, cleaned the please

June 2017
Thank you for your response. All of the pipes have been cleaned already and there ate no kinks, the filter has been washed and it still fills for a short while and then empties again....after the wash and dry lights start flashing

June 2017
Why not find out what the flashing lights mean?

Looks like the DW is not emptying quickly enough.

Don't understand why you changed the heating element.

Check ALL the items in the drainage path: Hose for blocks and kinks, drain pump for foreign objects and / or general crap, etc. Find the manual and that should tell you what you need to do.

June 2017


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