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How do I replace kenwood combination microwav light bulb model k25cb12 mode?

Are there any specific instructions to replace bulb. Is a special bulb as this is a combination microwave please. Thank you

Sal. Pottie
April 2017
Take the covers off and change the bulb.

High voltages lurk inside even when unplugged!

You are not encouraged to change the bulb yourself to prevent nasty accidents and legal action against the manufacturer. The warning in the user guide lets them off the hook.

Go ahead and change the bulb yourself if you have the confidence.

Good Luck...
April 2017

Page 34 says: Open the door. If the light does not illuminate, the bulb has
probably blown. Call a qualified technician – do not try to change the bulb yourself.

Chris at eSpares says...

We are sorry but do not advise on repairs in this area as this is very close to the high voltage connections to the magnetron and accidental contact can easily prove fatal - even with the power off!

April 2017


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