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Melting wiring on Westwood t1200?

Hi I have a t1200 Westwood mower I put a new loom on it. Because it melted the other one soon as I turned the ignition on it got the harness hot and melted the wire to the ignition coil and melted the coil as well all wires are correct please help

Mr kirman
April 2017
Well there's a clue - the ignition coil melts - so presumably the conductor that feeds the coil and melts the loom is carrying too much current.

But the ignition coils is pulsed - once for each spark - it should not take a permanent high current and enough to melt things.

So - whatever it is on your lawn tractor that sends pulses to the coil is defective - it's sending permanent current.

I know nothing of lawn mowers - I just guess.

Good Luck...
April 2017


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