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Brother xl 2130 sewing machine motor not working?

I've brought a Brother xl 2130 sewing machine that I was given to the Caribbean, it had been stored in a damp UK garage. When plugged in, the light comes on but there is no sound from the motor when the foot pedal is depressed, the bobbin won't wind and it won't sew.

Please help

April 2017
Thank you for such a quick response acp, I'm in Saint Vincent and we have UK 240 volt power and sockets in our house. Brother also responded to me really quickly, suggesting it could be a faulty motor or foot controller. I'm trying to find a local repair shop.

April 2017
WHat is the mains supply voltage where you are? In the UK (which is from where one assumes you have come) it is around 230-240V.

Electrical sockets (outlets) in the Bermuda Islands (Somers Isles) usually supply electricity at between 110 and 120 volts AC.

Did you check the supply voltage was compatible?

You MAY be able to get a spare motor (and possibly congtroller as well) suitable for 120Vac.

You could try to contact Brother technical support.

April 2017


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