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How can I fix my Beko WM5102W Washing Machine - White?

I recently had to empty the filter from my washing machine because it would not drain and it worked fine after that but a week later after doing a regular wash I put my clothes on the radiator to dry and went to put another load in and as soon as I got the temp to 40 like I usually do and then clicked on wash the machine and all my sockets went out, so I unplugged the washing machine and got my sockets and electric working again, plugged the washing machine back in and it turned on so I thought it was fine I then went to wash my clothes the washing machine came on with all the lights but again after I clicked on wash it just cut everything out like it wouldn't let water get into the machine so I think it has something to do with that because it turns on perfectly fine with the lights on its just when I click wash it doesn't fill and cuts the fuse of everything out.

February 2017
In short, when you select "Wash" the machine tries to start filling but trips your house electrics. You unplug the machine, reset the electrics, try again and the same happens.

One would guess you have a badly failed inlet valve or associated wiring, but it could be the control board or just possibly the heater. That's not an exhaustive list but worth looking at.

Someone with a simple multimeter who knows what they are doing could do a lot of checking. They could even eliminate some items by simply disconnecting them and trying the machine but, I stress, that should be someone COMPETENT.

February 2017

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