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how to remove fascia of Rangemaster 110?

I have seen various versions of how to do this...Is it possible to access the timer clock unit without moving the cooker ?

Dave Nelson
September 2016
Rangemaster 110 Classic Oven Control Fasia Panel

1 Safety First - Switch off the electricity supply
2 Pull off the 9 large knobs and pullout the 5 clock buttons
3 Remove the long handle - There is an allan bolt at each end in the black caps
4 Once the handle is removed there are 2 screws underneath - Remove them
5 The Control fasia panel is now loose and will now pull forward a bit
6 IMPORTANT - Take a phone photo of the wires before disconnecting anything
7 Remove the clock unit - 1 screw on the top and 2 on the bottom - Make a note of which hole the screw comes out of on the top of the clock as there are 2 holes - When refitting the clock to the new fasia make sure the clock button holes and the fasia holes line up
8 Unplug all the wires - Look at your phone photo when reconnecting
9 Remove the 3 red indicator lights - This is difficult as there are 4 fins on each and you have to push them in while twisting out the indicator light - You can purchase a pair of new ones for around £8.00.
10 Remove the Rangemaster badge - Its held on by spring clips so support the old fasia on the edge of a workbench and hit the studs from the inside sharply with a hammer - You can still use them to fit the badge on the new fasia

Refitting is the reverse with the new oven control fasia panel

Rangemaster 110 Classic Main Oven Door Catch & Roller

1 Safety First - Switch off the electricity supply
2 IMPORTANT - Do not remove the whole door as there are spacers/ shims fitted during manufacture to line up the door correctly
3 Remove 2 allan bolts from the left side of the door and another 2 from the right
4 The outer coloured cover should now lift off
5 Remove the 2 bolts holding the oven door catch & roller in place
6 If you want to replace the stud loosen locking nut and unscrew the stud

Refitting is the reverse with the new oven door catch & roller and the stud

Welsh Legend
August 2019

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