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I have smoke coming out of kenwood a902 chef excel?

I have a kenwood a902 chef excel mixer and was using it and smoke was coming out of the motor housing it is about 28years old but a great mixer . Can it be fixed and how?

john f louch
September 2016
A most interesting link... if you examine the first image you can see that the lower capacitor has exploded - it will have smoked...

More Good Luck...
September 2016
Try this link

September 2016
Over time soot builds up on the rotating electrical pieces - this makes sparks and more soot. 28 years is impressive...

It will probably benefit from an overhaul - new brushes - clean the commutator - clean up the centrifugal speed control which will also have dirty and sooty contacts.

If it has a motor capacitor then that may well be a cause of the smoke - capacitors do not last forever.

All this is in the capacity of a handyman with a few hand tools and a little confidence.

To pay somebody to do it for you would probably not be cost effective - your realistic options are...
Do it yourself
Have a friend do it for you
Buy a new machine

Good Luck...
September 2016


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