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Stannah 260 stopped on stairs - no power?

Our 14 month old Stannah 260 is used about twice a week. Today it stopped suddenly halfway down the stairs two months after service. The mains, transformer and battery are working properly but there is no power to the PCB or beyond.

Feel so let down as we bought it because of Stannah's good reputation. Can anyone suggest where to look before we fork out for callout? Thanks

September 2016
only one green light on in main power board is it right,

peter hunnisett
October 2020
CONTINUED: More information on the above problem:

The chair stops where the space between the two rails narrows to go down the staircase and blows the 500mA fuse on the PCB.

On the flat where the chair goes round a bend to its parking space, it works perfectly, blowing the fuse each time it reaches the same point to go downstairs.

Any help gratefully received.

September 2016


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