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Polti Vaporetto Sprint 1300 heats fine, clicks back to machine butno steam ?

Hi, just tried my steam cleaner after a while not using it, it heats up and the light goes out, I switch the steam switch on, it lights as usual but when I squeeze the trigger, nothing happens, the trigger is activating back to the main body as I can hear it clicking, please advise, many thanks

March 2016
Well you need to open the unit with a (long) Torx T20 screwdriver, the one with the hole in the middle of the star. Then check the solenoid controlling the valve for the steam output. it is probably stuck. It happens if you don't use it on a regular basis. Please don't come to the idea of connecting the unit to the mains while it is open unless you are a qualified electrician. Please post if this help to solve the problem.

January 2018
Yes this has happened to me any answers would be great

September 2016
as yet, no answer Lucy

May 2016
I have the same problem. I can hear the clicking back in the machine when I pull the trigger but nothing happens. Did you find an answer?

May 2016


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