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How can i fix my Russell Hobbs RHPF40 fan?

My Russell Hobbs RHPF40 Fan just stopped working for some or other reason. I dont know why since its still relatively new. I put the plug in another socket so the fault doesnt lie there. It stood in the exact same spot and it was working fine and then just stopped, not near H2O at all. I felt the motor and it was warm to touch but nothing else. Please can someone tell me what to do to repair it?

February 2016
The fault will either an interruption to the electrical supply or a defective motor - a small possibility that a fan blade is stuck fast against the cage but you would see that.

If you know an old codger - a neighbour - ask him to look at it for you. He will be pleased to have something to do.

Good Luck...
February 2016

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