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my briggs and stratton 3.5hp starts up then cuts out straight away?

How do I keep it to run with out cutting out straight away I've cleaned the carb ,I've put a new diagram and gasket set on it a new choke on it and a new air filter sponge and still the same just cutting out when it starts can anyone help me plz

February 2016
usually it collects a lot of muck on the end of the carb filter.
remove tank and carb undo carb and lift out gently, on the bottom is a small filter, clean this and main filter. clean out carb with fresh petrol.
check fuel tank also for dirt.
refit fill with new fue. l OK

March 2016
This happened to a small motor of mine recently - the fuel had caused the fuel pipes to disintegrate and perish - air was being sucked in instead of fuel. Examine your fuel lines.

Good Luck...
February 2016

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