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Bike Won't Start!?

Hi Guys, So recently I purchased a Peugeot Speedfight 2 from a friend of mine and it had to go under severe maintenance for it to work. So one day after replacing the carb, battery, CDI, air filter, almost anything you cant think of. It started. Now the next day I went to go test the bike and for some unknown reason it won't start. I Have NO electric start so the immobiliser is not the issue. The kickstart is the only way I can start it as of now. Fresh and new fuel is present and the plugs are getting wet.

The kickstart works as there is a spark. I can see it visually but the bike just won't start!

Again, I have a [b]Peugeot Speedfight 2, kickstart only, no electric start installed, spark is present, but bike won't start[b]

Thanks Guys, Regards

January 2016
Take out ht lead n completely dry it,I had similar problem.once it starts on kick it rides ok? No cut out or deceleration?
Gis a call maybe we can help each other 0751824508-shaun

shaun baker
May 2016
M8 try checking the vacuum pipes from petrol tap to carb and the one from carb to engine.

January 2016
Take it back to your FRIEND and tell him to shove it!!! He has dumped a load of rubbish on you.NEVER buy bikes from your FRIENDS.I think under the sale of goods act he is responsable for selling you goods fit for purpose.Why didn't you just go to a scrap yard and buy one there.Don't waste any more money and time on it there are MILLIONS of cheap runners to be picked up for a song.I really hope you get sorted, I've been biking 50 years so I know your need,buy a runner.Good luck!!!

January 2016

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