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Steam cleaner Polti Vaporetto 950?

Switches on lights up but does not heat up no steam what,s wrong

January 2016
My Vaporetto 950 is a design disaster. The trigger handle leaked from new, used once, resurrected last week, still leaking then told by Polti it's not repairable. The trigger is fixed to the hose, the hose is fixed to the body and so cannot be replaced. Hopeless and irresponsible design. No design-for-maintenance. Just like British Leyland in the 1970s. A total con.

Gordon Clifton
April 2016
I should have bought a Kaarcher

March 2016
I have the same problem, I have just been told it's not worth repairing the cheaper models like the 950 and Polti don't even supply the spare parts such as the element for them. What a con and a disgrace! It has to go in the recycling after so little use, but out of warranty. It was mistake buying this and I urge others not to do the same

March 2016
Steam jets out of raid cap on top when heats ing up

January 2016
Maureen - I told you a couple of hours ago - I said this...

Strong probability that the heating element has failed

and i wished you good luck - see - I do it again...

Good Luck...
January 2016


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