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Ryobi whipper snipper not working. ?

My ryobi whipper snipper is not starting. I've put a new carburetor and it is still not starting. I've only had my ryobi whipper snipper for one year and did not start it for approximately 6 months. I've tried to start it but it is not starting up. Can you tell me what the problem is?

January 2016
change sparkplug/ fule/ clean airfilter/ use the choke, when trying to start, when it kicks , turn the choke off, or you will flood it,

January 2016
I do not know what the problem is with your machine but be aware... the chemicals in modern unleaded fuel tend to rot the fuel lines - air can get in where it should not. If you changed the fuel lines when you put the new carb on then ignore this reply - but if the fuel lines have been left with fuel in them for six months then they may have perished.

Good Luck...
January 2016


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