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Dulit 4-slice toaster. Not toasting...!?

Is it common for all 5 elements to go at once? This seems a little strange. The toaster does everything it should APART from toast the bread....

January 2016
go to dualit web site, click 'support' at top of page, click on 'toasters' click on faq's, then select drop down text under heading "spare parts", there is a phone number to the factory spares dept, you can ask advice then either buy spares to diy or send in for estimate for repair, simples....I diyed mine which burst into flame, bought new elements and fitted them, plus requested and received wiring diagram, super cool company, Cheers.

November 2018
It would be a rare event for al the heating elements to fail at the same time - a very rare event.

You might consider an interruption to the power supply of some sort - something upstream and common to all elements - a fuse or a bad connection - that sort of thing - not necessarily in the live conductor either - an open circuit in the neutral line would give the same symptom as you report.

Good hunting...
January 2016

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