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i have the same issue will not type ?

Hi i have a Packard bell note laptop not used I. A while but when to use it and can not type but some still work ie the window button and enter and mouse and some others but no leters seem to type last time I used it it worked perfectly any help please thanks

December 2015
Make sure that all keys are traveling freely. Maybe they are gunked up or there is something under them preventing them from functioning correctly.
Orient the keyboard verticaly and gently tap it to dislodge eventual debrits.
If keys are gunked up, they may start auto-repeating if you perss them frimly. In this case, you need to remove the key caps and wash them. Just don't have any water splash on the keyboard's base.

In what conditions was that laptop stored. Maybe there was to much humidity and the key's contacts started to corrode. Try pressing a key a few dozen times. Does it start to respond. If yes, do the same with all problem keys.

Maybe there is some corrosion on the contacts between the keyboard and the motherboard.
You need to open the case, then, disconnect and reconnect the keyboard a few times.

Maybe you just need a new keyboard. The simplest way is to simply connect an USB keyboard, although you'll loose on the mobility aspect.

December 2015

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