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how to find my IAT sensor on 320i tourer 2002?

Hi can anyone let me know where the Intake Air Temp sensor is located on my bmw 2002 320i tourer,,i have been advised that it is on the same wiring block as the Mass air flow sensor, but it is not, i have also been advised that it is in the front bumper, but that is the outside temp sensor not the IAT, I hope there is someone out there who actually knows the location, Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

mikee d
December 2015

December 2015
I know nothing of cars but I found this...

The IAT sensor is located on the inlet manifold just after the throttle body it will have a connector attached to it.

The text refers to an Audi but I suspect that the location of your IAT sensor will be much the same.

I used Google Images

Good Luck...
December 2015

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