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How to fix the rotating shaft in Morphy Richards Fastbake breadmaker?

The rotating shaft has come loose.How do you secure it again into the base of the baking pan,model 48280 ?

Duncan Mason
September 2015
Mine just came apart today. I cleaned the shaft and the hole it fitted into and saw that the rubber type washer that secured it to the base of the pan had rotted and disintegrate. Fortunately I had previously purchased off eBay a box of O rings of various sizes for another job. Luckily I had a small enough O ring to slide onto the spindle after pushing it back into the hole.This secured the spindle back into the bread pan. I put the bread pan back into the machine and fitted the paddle. I put about an inch of water into the pan and switched the machine on using the first program just to check for leaks and that the paddle worked.
Success. It worked. I have yet to bake another loaf and I don't know whether using an O ring is hygienic, but its worth a punt and if all okay saves an unnecessary purchase of a bread pan.

R J Butterworth
August 2020
You don't. You either; buy a new pan or get a new breadmaker. From experience, in the latter case, it's worth shelling out on a Pansonic one - You may be able to find an end of model range one on EBay.

September 2015


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