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fitting end of mocad motor on?

i am trying to fit the brushes end of my mocad motor on but can't work out how to hold the brushes back to get it over the armature help please. gerald.

September 2015
Place small plastic washer back on shaft, remove ball race from endplate and put on shaft, the race is supported by an uneven washer which has to stay in endplate, can use a dab of grease. when you offer end assembly to the unit all lined up you can easily spread the brushes with a thin screwdriver, they slide across the race and onto commutator ! ;-)

October 2016
That is the tricky bit I have done it several times you have to be very patient and nimble with your fingers. I have thought about removing the motor and getting in from the other end, maybe that is what I will try next time

January 2016
Take a plastic bottle - like a 2 pint milk carton - cut out a shape like a horseshoe that you can slip between the brushes and over the commutator - position the brush holder and then remove the piece of plastic. Or some other method to hold the brushes in their holders until you're ready to release them - two individual pieces of thin plastic perhaps.

Good luck...
September 2015

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