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EDC warning 0E?

لدي سيارة مقطورة سنة الصنع 2004تعلم على الديزل وتظهربعض الإشارات وذكرت واحدة منها وهيEDC warning 0E الرجاء المساعدة وشكرا

أبو اسحاق
July 2015
I have a car trailer Year 2004 learn on diesel and Tzarbed signals and said one of them an EDC warning OE Please help and thank you

Abu Ishaq

The EDC warning might be due to contaminated fuel but there are over 4000 causes for the warning - nothing to do with a trailer. You do not say the vehicle make and model.

It needs a car doctor to make a diagnosis.

Good luck...
July 2015


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