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RISE all in one pc for pizza order system has proble?

I have RISE LCD all in one pc for my pizza shop,
recently itis getting more slow and even frozen
sometimes, anyone can help?

July 2015
I had same problem with my pizza order system,RISE PC, my friend recommeds an engineer Mr. Bo Wen to me, he fixed my RISE pizza system,
very quick, I am very happy with the job he has done.he is based deptford, London, call him :0751 2711 254.

July 2015
These are somewhat specialist business solutions running Linux as far as I can tell... Their support line is a single mobile 'phone 07725 833 371 - the address 14 Lockerby Crescent Southampton SO16 4ES - a private house on a tidy estate.

Best to call them...
July 2015


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