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How do I stop water from flowing outside from my ferroli optima 901 boiler?

Pressure bar is constantly at 3. If I drain radiators, pressure reduces but then creeps back up again. I have read that I need to get the pressure to 0 and pump the air in manually wit a bike pump? How do I keep the pressure at 0 and where do I pump air in on the boiler?

Siobhan Roscoe
April 2015
would suggest your filler loop isn't shutting off properly,so water pressure in boiler continues to rise.check position of shut off valve or valves,or replace loop , washers may be worn,pressure relief valve will probably need replacing(check if drips outside.when at normal pressure)forget about air pumps etc. until this possibility has been tested.

April 2015

Installation manual:

Page 10 and 11 for instructions and pictures about "Make up Water". It sounds as if the system is permanenetly slowly fiilling up. Locate the filling loop (Picture of a typical item on P11) and ensure it is turned off. If in doubt consult a plumber.

Allow to settle and reduce the pressure to design figure by bleeding radiators.

If pressure continues to fall with the filling loop fully isolated, you may have a leak either in the boiler, its pressure relief valve or radiator or pipework.

Work carefully and methoidically. If in doubt consult a plumber.

Do not attempt anything on the boiler iuless you are Gas Safe certiifed.

users instructions:

April 2015

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