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loss of wireless?

MSI U180 Netbook, intermittently loses wireless connection & sometimes the wireless device disappears on network connections & device manager. Rebooting rectifies problem but it soon happens again. Updated driver but it says you have the latest driver installed.

Colin Groves
March 2015
Maybe it's some application that you installed recently.
Maybe it's some change that you performed, intentionaly or accidently.
Try to restore your computer to a state some time before your problem started.
Try to uninstall the latest(s) application that you installed. An application may cause some incompatibility with some devices, or combination of devices.

You may have an isue with some virus, although they normaly try to keep your connectivity intact so that they can spread beter. They also frequently want to use your internet connection to perform some services such as sending tons of spam or performing a DDoS attack...

Get and install some good anti-virus, let it update it's viral database and perform a full scan with the most agressive setting. Be sure to have them also check for rootkits if the option is available.
Some suggestions for free anti-virus:
AVG from

In some cases, a virus may attempt to inject itself between the OS and a network device by way of a rootkit. Removing those infections CAN cause some connectivity isues if you can't completely restore the legitimate channels.

Install 2, 3 or all and run them manualy in succession. Leave only one running in the background.

Some other pests may cause some problems:
Install Spybot earch & Destroy. Have it scan your computer. Let it correct any problem found.

If everything fails to resolve your isue, you may have an hardware isue with the network device itself.

April 2015


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