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How can i programme my Sky remote to control Thomson combined TV/DVD?

I have a Thomson 24wt25 TV with integral DVD. None of the codes supplied with my Sky digibox work when trying to programme the Sky remote to control the television. nor can i programme the television remote to control the Sky digibox. Any suggestions?

Andrew Prentice
January 2005
my sky remotecontrol to a samsung tv ws32z408d8 will not work can you help me find the codes

September 2006
Also, Sky will give advice on specific make & model for remote compatibility and codes if you contact them on 08702 43 43 43.

January 2005
Yes, it does seem that others have had problems with this model range.

One thing which you might try as a last resort..
Take out the batteries from your remote control and leave them out for an hour or do to be certain to clear the remotes memory.

Re-insert and retry entering codes. Noting slight difference in button sequence when entering 3-digit to 4-digit codes.

I've come across remotes that seem to get corrupted and won't accept codes.

January 2005
Thanks Cobweb. Still no joy I'm afraid - looks like I am stuck with using two flickers.

January 2005
Universal 4-digit code for Thomson is 0771.

Individual 3-digit codes for Thomson are...
To enter 3-digit codes..
1) Press TV.
2) Press and hold RED & SELECT (light blinks twice).
3) ENTER 3-digit code.
4) Press STANDBY on SKY remote (if TV switches to standby, code is correct.
5) Press SELECT.

Apparently there is a specific problem with some Thomson 24 Widescreen TV's, which requires the following fix for the SKY remote to work these TV's. Information on this issue is available at the following url...

January 2005


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