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Extractor Fan won't start without manual help?

I have a De Dietrich extractor fan. Model # is DHD365XP11
The motor will not start by itself but if I give the fan blades a push it does. I have checked the start capacitor (visually) and there are no black / burn out marks. Could it be something like a centrifugal swicth and if so is this located on the motor or in the circuit board / control box ?
Trying to work out if I need to order new motor, control box or cursor

Noel Conlon
February 2015
Thanks Gladys the motor is clean but I tried the WD40 anyway but no joy

Noel Conlon
February 2015
If it's a bit stiff when you turn the fan, the motor could be gummed up. If you can get to it and see if it needs a clean, that may help. If you can get to the bearings you could try a little WD40 but its likely that you'll need a new fan as the oilite bearings have probably had it

February 2015


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