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Rover 45 diesel 2004 heater not working?

I have a rover 45 on an 04 plate diesel and I have no heating inside the car. It did used to work, but always had a delay from when it was turned on to the heater actually blowing. This delay has got longer and longer and now does turn on at all! This is especially bad in winter, does anyone have any suggestions as to what is wrong?

January 2015
Going by your description I take it is your heater fan at fault. A common problem is a blocked pollen filter putting strain on a fan and eventually burning out the motor. I would start by checking the filter and locating the fan,maybe disconnect the terminals to the fan and try a direct 12v feed onto it,if it works the you may have other problems,if not then try a scrappy for a new unit.

January 2015

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