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ghds not working!! please help!!?

Hi please can someone help I last used my ghds new years eve they were absolutely fine no problems what so ever.. this morning I go to use them not even a day later and they wont switch on at all I've changed the fuse 3 times but nothing what could be wrong with them..ive had them over 2 years so cnt send them back please can someone advise me as I live for my ghds!!!

January 2015
GHDS ???? You need to buy the Cloud 9s!!! The guy that originally made the GHDs left the company after a year when they became famous!!! He now designs the Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners!! Do your research

Hence all GHDs always breaking!!!
my sister alone has gone through 7 sets of GHDs, not good considering the price you pay

Emma qualified hairdresser xxx
March 2015
Although it could be the thermal fuse it could also be a R8/R11 resistor which needs replacing, if you can use a multimeter and soldering iron it is worth checking these.
If you require a repair service we offer this for £19.50 with 3 month warranty at

February 2015
to all the ladies out there who use these things,do not leave them switched on when your not using them,as a lot of you do,turn them off,or you run the risk of blowing the thermal fuse

January 2015
its the thermal fuse inside the unit you can buy them on e bay look it up

January 2015

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