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ProAction Shredder Problem?

I recently bought a ProAction 10 page shredder at Argos.
it was working fine until the paper started to jam a few times. I managed to clear the paper a few times and used the reverse option but there was this time when this did not work so I used a sharp knife edge to remove the excess paper from the motor (i unplugged the shredder beforehand). I managed to clear the jammed paper but now the shredder is damaged it seems that a few plastic attachment on the motor have been accidentally broken off and now the shredder is making a funny noise and only shreds 2 sheet of A4 paper before it goes again. What do I do... I spent £30 last week?

January 2015
My ProAction Shredder with which I have been delighted has suddenly stopped working for no reason. I have cleaned the sensor after having unplugged it but still it is dead.

Will I have to buy a new one or can it be repaired?

Thank you

February 2021
Shredder over heats and only runs at half speed not blocked at all

August 2019
no action when switched on

Diane Kendall
February 2019
I require plastic primary gear for pro action vs51008 cd batch code 1315 is this gear aviable.

Many thanks
D J Johnston

D J Johnston
January 2019
My ProAction shredder jammed but I was able to clear the jam. However, it will not work in the auto position and although the motor is working in the reverse position, nothing is happening.

frank wade
March 2017
I bought a shredder from Amazon about 18 months ago - £60 - it works OK but does not like continuous running - certainly no more than 5 minutes - it overheats and cuts out for 5 minutes - cools down and resets itself. It claims 11 sheet capacity but 2 or 3 seems to suit is best. I now no longer use it and resort to burning confidential papers.

If you have the paperwork you might consider taking it back to the store - do not tell them about what you did with the knife.

Good luck...
January 2015


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