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faulty electrics peugeot speedfight 2 100cc?

hi,can anyone help me i have peugeot speedfight 2 100cc i have had the bike for almost 2 years. it has been sitting in my garage for 7 to 8 months it was running before then but now i am getting no power. i put key in and all i get is indicators,rear light and horn. my bike wont turn over with key no lights come up on dash when i turn key nothing accept the indicators and rear light and horn. i have been told this may be the imobiliser but i have watched videos with faulty cdi units and with there faulty ones the bike still turns over.CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME thanks paul

September 2014
Yep agreed with old biker git if you have not put a new battery on it then do so it will be no good after standing all that can try jump leads from a car to see if it turns over I take it you are pulling one of the brakes in to start it and the brake lights do work as its part of the starter circuit .New battery is 18 pound from my shop.

adam bike doctor
February 2015
If you're using the same battery forget it,good chance that is the problem,they don't have the same power output as car batteries so you might get lights etc.DON'T start looking for faults like cdi or immobiliser you didn't have a fault with those parts before you laid it up!!!Get a new battery (£15 ?) and charge it up as per the instructions, if it doesn't fix it then start looking for other causes.Also check/replace the batteries in your remote,batteries die over time cdi and immobilisers don't just because you haven't used them for a while.Good luck.

Old biker git.
September 2014

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