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How do I open Velux blind completely stuck?

My velux blind is completely stuck in closed position. It will not move, I cannot open to see what is wrong.
What do I need to do to open it somehow?

September 2014
Our velux blackout blind is totally jammed closed at the left side and won't move even a mm. How can it be opened?

December 2020
With mine I could open it about 1cm, just enough to get a screw driver in to pop out the piece that holds the string in place at the end. It pops from the outside. When that is released the shade opens easily. Grease the line and/or the nub the string goes over.

September 2019
I found that one of the hinges on the open/vent flap had come off. The Torx/star headed screws had worked loose and popped out. By holding the hinge in place it was possible to open the flap and replace the screws. Most screwdriver kits now include the Torx screwdriver bits.
Having checked the other windows, I found they were all about to fall off so retightened them all.

August 2015
If you can open the vent flap you can release the locking mechanisim, however be prepared to close it again if the repair does not work. once open service the window with grease not WD 40.

PMV Maintenance
December 2014
Same problem here with a velux blackout blind ,, its jammed at one side at the bottom

November 2014
Was hoping some one had the answer for you, as we have the same problem :-(

October 2014


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