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Memorex paper shredder won't shred as papers are loaded, but reverse works?

While reverse on Memorex shredder works, the feed in of papers doesn't cut..also power lite goes out in shifting to "auto" mode? No broken welds, loose wiring.

July 2014
If you used your shredder a lot, you might want to check the auto paper sensor. There are two of them, a black and a clear one, on opposite sides of the paper slot. You will want to wipe clean the black sensor, as it may be covered in a fine film of paper dust, that the machine is sensing as a piece of paper. This may require taking apart the machine to get to the sensor, as where it is located in the paper slot it's hard to get a real clean. Just vacuuming it won't do, you have to wipe it clean.

September 2014

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