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Will a piaggio zip 50 start without a battery?

Hi guys my moped has been sat for about a year, it stopped working one day but now I have time to fix it my battery is completely buggered. I have put fresh fuel in it and cleaned and checked the spark plug and the fuel is getting through fine and the spark is strong, I was just wondering whether it would be possible to start it without a battery in it?


Tyler Davies
April 2014
Thanks bob,

I was not planning on riding it without a battery I just wanted to get it going for now I need to take my cbt again before I get it on the road.

May 2014
This is a guess: It may start if a kick start which I assume as how would you know there is a spark.

However it will have no lights or horn they are powered through the battery and using it on the road in the UK will be illegal and classed as un-roadworthy with no lighting. Don't try by passing the battery either you'll blow all the lights and horn and possibly cause the wire harness to overheat and catch light while riding it.

Dynamo/alternator compensates for current used by the battery(as in a car) magneto supplies the spark. Well that's how my BSA worked. Ok so its a long time ago and may have got part wrong but I am aware of the LAW.

May 2014


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