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Typo in cash register - po 15150 iso 150?

cash register - Olympia CM721 plus
please help! my staff punched in a pay out of R15150 in stead of R150 and then did the Z reading, how can I fix this? does anyone out there know PLEASE! (there is no mention of this in the manual)
thank you
Ann - south africa

April 2014
I haven't had that one before. The paid out command is a function on it's own so it doesn't normally respond to error correcting or refunding etc. It can be offset as far as drawer totals go by using the RA button which is for money received. If you put the difference into the machine using the RA button, it would offset the total of cash in drawer. HOWEVER, since you have run a Z report, it now can't be done because it is on a new total. The main thing to remember is that it will not affect your sales amount as it was not a gain. It will just affect the cash in drawer reading. Not much you can do. Sorry

April 2014

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