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Acer laptop?

Problem! Windows 7 ultimate msn bing search engine green as grass when it comes to computer sort out. Downloaded Picasa had it before on my old system no problems also family had it.
I keep getting a warning pop up encouraging me to click and speed up my laptop.
Pop up window is about six by five inches with the message warning, a logo on left side is of a shield silver border red background in which is a diagonal shaped white cross. No company name or such to indicate who they are. Firefox is on this laptop as is on PC. But so green as to what it all is concerns me so I would only click on links that I am told are safe ie: what family use, hence Picasa.
rip off Britain! seems like we have rip off internet too.

Hop enough info many thanks in anticipation.

February 2014
You may have inadvertantly installed a paratitic side install.

You can press Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same time to bring on the task manager.
On the first tab, you have a list of opened applications and windows, including minimised ones.
When that popup is showing, you should see it in that list.
It may not reveil the application responsible. In that case, right-click it and sellect "Go in process"
It will switch to the process tab with the responsible process highlighted, showing the name of the executable responsible.
Right-click the highlighted line and sellect "Properties".
In the properties windows, on the general tab, you'll see what product is responsible.
If you don't regognise it, or don't want it, you now know what application to uninstall.

Chances are that that application is realy a fake system optimiser.

Whenever you install ANYTHING, carefully read every text at every steps. Carefully hunt for prechecked check boxes, or any unchecked box saying "No thank" or "Decline...". Be sure to decline or refuse ANY AND ALL proposed accessory and side installs, also known as "foistware". NONE of those are usefull, and none are needed for the application you realy want to install.
This is not specific to any specific laptop or work station, and not even to any given operating system.

To keep your computer in good condition:
Install a good antivirus. Several are available for free.
Install Ccleaner and run it about monthly. It find and suppress old and obsolete tempoary files. It can also scan your computer for registry errors and broken shortcuts and repair those. Safe and effecient.
If you have a conventional hard drive, get a good defragmenter. Defraggler is an excellent and free one. To be run weekly. I recommend that you set a sheduled task for that purpose.
NEVER EVER defragment any SSD drive. It's not needed as there are no moving parts and will adversely affect it's longevity.

February 2014


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