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Peugeot speedfight 2 100cc wont start??

Hi, my peugeot speedfight 2 100cc wont start? I am getting a spark from the bike but it will just not start up and tick over... There is petrol getting to all the right places and i have just fitted a new coil pack onto it too. I am getting a weak spark from the bike, and it sounds like it wants to fire up but everytime it starts it just dies in a matter of seconds? The battery was dead but i fully charged it and it still will not start?

The bike was running great for the first 2 days of me riding it but after a while it kept on cutting out and the other night, the bike cut out and just didnt start back up and it hasn't started since... The bike only cut out when the roads were wet?

Kane whitehouse
February 2014
Just ansered a question like this if your getting a week spark and won't start when roads are wet spark plug cap will be getting wet from back wheel kicking up water check to see if the rubber pad is there wich protects the cap from water sits in front of back wheel oh an dry spark plug cap and should start.

May 2014

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