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How can I fix my AEG OKO Lavamat 6100?

This second hand washing machine has been trouble-free apart from a slight grinding noise as the drum revolves which has been identified as a motor bearing 'going'.
The m/c has now stopped mid-cycle, failing to pump away the washing water. We've emptied out the water and checked the filter. There is power to the machine but it won't start at any point in the programme cycle, just humming quietly to itself.
Any ideas where we should start?

Mick in Malvern
December 2013
The machine is 20yrs old and had a new water pump fittted last year. When the drum stopped revolving suspect the motor which is now obsolete! Taking the motor off I found the front bearing to be U/S more than probably due to drive belt being TOO tight. When taking motor apart don't be tempted by what I thought might be a small bearing behind a black plastic cover at opposite end. This is the tachometer device to control spin speed, it is on a spline leave well alone. The grooved spigot which the drives the belt is pushed onto a spline on the armature. it can be removed by using a punch and some device placed at back of spigot as a buffer. A puller might do it but 'toolmaker's clamps' would be better. After removing spigot the bearing can be pulled or cut off with an angle grinder/disc cutter. replacing the bearing is easy, replacing the spigot not so is done correctly. I just placed over the motor shaft and tapped back in place, correct way would be to warm it up so as to align splines. Reassemble motor and electric connections and after a few sparks the machine is up and running rather than being scrapped. The bearing cost £3.50 to replace.

Cardi' Welsh.
December 2017
Fixed, thank you. Another elderly but perfectly serviceable item saved from landfill. The pump was seized, as you suggested. Sorted that but it still wouldn't start. A problem with the water inlet tap was solved with the help of a Haynes manual borrowed from the local library. Thanks again.

Mick in Malvern
December 2013
Thanks for that. I sort of know that the pump is to blame. Just got to bite the bullet and dismantal the front of the machine.

mick from Malvern
December 2013
drain pump seized or jammed up.remove drain pump and test it.If needs be replace it with a new one

December 2013


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