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tools ?

Anyone know about \\/olf tools (broken W logo) retailed by UKHS.TV in UK and have made a purchase they have not been happy with? On their home page at the bottom this company is listed as a ‘top brand’ which I believe is misleading in that the company \\/olf does not exist in the UK as there are no records of a company by this name on companies house records.
The original company went out of the market including the name in the sixties, it pioneered the first electric DIY drill. UKHS. TV call refer to their site as ‘The home of \\/olf ‘ however it may be simply because it appears to be the only supplier of tools with that type of logo.

Many of my age would no doubt remember \\/olf electrics Park Royal West London as a quality tools producing company so they may think by the wording this company has risen from the ashes like the phoenix but in this case it appears to be only in \\/olf name not manufacturer. Before deciding to make a purchase I contacted UKHS for information recently twice and have not received any reply.

So to the question has anyone bought a \\/olf branded tool from them they may have had an issue with or have found there were no spares available for self or local repair, as I am concerned having to send it back to their service centre
Many thanks for reading and replies if any, or other comments you may have.

November 2013
Wolf tools were bought by stanley tools this sounds like a rip off by using \\/ they dont infringe any copyright they are probably made in china and will not have any spares, the old saying you get what you pay for still stands true

November 2013


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