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Replace Tumble drier element & stats?

I have a Miele Novotronic T454 Tumble drier, Serial No 13751130 about 20 years old + & I require to change the heating element and the thermostats can you please assist with explaining the procedure. as a retired engineer I can usually fix things but I don't want to dismantle the machine if there is an easy way to do it.

John K
October 2013
If no-one can be specific this might help :- I don't recognize this model no. but usually on Miele dryers the heater is located behind the drum with a t/stat on it. To get to it (not easy) If vented dryer, remove lid, remove logo plate top left of facia to reveal screws remove these and 4 screws around doorway, front of machine will hinge open (spring clip bottom left of panel) remove carbon brush holder top of drum, release the belt from the pulley, remove plastic front drum support panel, remove screws on rear panel of machine holding the heater and turn it to release it into the machine, move the drum forward enough to unplug heater, remove the drum. to remove the heater from the back of the drum locate 2 allen screws through the holes in the rear wall of the drum from inside and remove these the heater will now come away from the drum. hope this helps Cheers

October 2013

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